Monday, July 10, 2006

7th place ok I guess

Finished 7th yesterday, ok I guess, got a bit frustrated with big stack to my left and played a marginal hand under the gun, got called by bb, I flop top pair(10-J off) he flopped top 2, (10-9 hearts) He bet it out thought he was trying to make play on me with an open draw so I shoved to either get the action, or have him fold. Probably should of not bet under the gun, again got a bit frustrated, lost some patience.

ah well I misread what he had, lol, but at least I had 10 outs after turn, did not hit, oh well, I know I will get another Bracelet sooner or later, likely SOONER than later :)

Will be playing the big horse event this Wed. atThe WSOP, wish me luck!! Taking a nice break to then, getting a flu shot too, I am still sick :(