Monday, June 26, 2006

Mike doing well at tournament at 2006 Tournament of champions

Hello everyone, This is Scott Matusow, Mike's brother. Mike has no time to blog since he is very busy in the World Series of Poker, so I am writing a few blogs for Mike at this time.

Mike has around 22k in chips at the final table of The Tournament of Champions, so let's wish Mike good luck later today and hope he makes it a back to back TOC WIN!!

Feel free to come on down to The Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, and say hi to us on the breaks!!

All The Full Tilt team members are really nice, so do not be afraid to say hi to any of them as well!!

Go Mikey!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well its been a long hard year for me since winning the t.o.c if been up and down and all around but mentilly i really think i have gotten it together. In case u havn't heard i have quit online poker forever { fingers crossed} and am really concentrating on my live game and tournaments you can stillfind me at full tilt poker playing but will only be in smaller game as i am a very sick person when it comes to online and have finally realized it .
The 2006 t.o.c is scheduled to start on 28th of june at the wsop and 29th and would like nothing more in life then to win this thing back to back, so my focus is really on that . I willalso be playing in the scotty nyugen poker challenge in tuls oklamoma im going ther as a great favor to scotty who has done alot for me early on in my poker career and would love nothing else then to show up at his tournament. So there it is folks the bigget 2 months in poker is upon me and am really looking forward to making myself back to the top of the poker world again , take care all and gl Mike.