Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Taking a break I NEED IT!!

After today, most of the day I played really well, but on one hand had a "Matusow Blowup", where I lost my mind and donked off all my chips, so I need a break. I made mistakes because I am "Pokered out".. It is really tough playing all these world series events, you see so many hands and sometimes get some really tough table draws against some really good players. It seems every time I begin to run a table, the table gets broken up. I do not think people understand just how hard it is to play thru massively large fields day after day after day.

3 or 4 days off should do the trick. Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

7th place ok I guess

Finished 7th yesterday, ok I guess, got a bit frustrated with big stack to my left and played a marginal hand under the gun, got called by bb, I flop top pair(10-J off) he flopped top 2, (10-9 hearts) He bet it out thought he was trying to make play on me with an open draw so I shoved to either get the action, or have him fold. Probably should of not bet under the gun, again got a bit frustrated, lost some patience.

ah well I misread what he had, lol, but at least I had 10 outs after turn, did not hit, oh well, I know I will get another Bracelet sooner or later, likely SOONER than later :)

Will be playing the big horse event this Wed. atThe WSOP, wish me luck!! Taking a nice break to then, getting a flu shot too, I am still sick :(

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Final Table

Just woke up, very tired from last night. Well I made another final table and I feel I have a great chance to get another Bracelet!! I have a solid game plan for today, hope it works out.
Got to run now, very busy of course. Thanks for supporting me and reading my blogs, I do appreciate it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

2500 NL Today

PLaying 2500 NL Today
http://cardplayer.com/tournaments/results/3202 That is the link for live updates.

Was very sick last night, played all day with high fever. Doctor came over I am ok now and ready to go today. I have to run, see you hopefully in 3 days!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Playing Omaha event today

Scott Matusow posting for Mike today;

Maybe today Mike can hit his draws and get to the final table, he is playing very well, Mike beleives he will make at least one final table this year and so do I.

Also, we are rooting for Philly Boy to win his NL event he made the final table!!

Philly, Philly, Philly!!! GO PHILLY!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Playing well so far

But got knocked out in yesterday's Omaha Hi/Low Split. Was double suited a few times in big pots with great pot odds and could not hit em. ah well, that's poker sometimes!!!

Cashed in the 6 handed NL event the other day at 33rd place, not too bad, played maybe a bit too tight, but I have my reasons for this at this time :)

Will be playing later today the 3000 NL event, wish me luck, I need it because I am playing well, just need a little run of cards to maximize stuff :)