Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's Finally Over!!

Hi all;

Well the WSOP is finally over and as it started out so promising it ended not so good .

I broke about even for the whole tournament which is alot better then most people did but not what i was looking forward too .

I'm going to take few weeks off maybe longer and see how things pan out for me , I might even play some of the last chance tournaments at bellagio or rio but I doubt it as I am really burnt out .

If some of you all dont know by know I got my own Mikethemouth tee shirts and hats out now the tee shirts are going for 15 bucks and the hats are going for 18 or if you want both of them they will be going for 30 bucks for a combo and I will be selling them off the website to all my great fans>..

I will even be giving away some as I got some great promos coming up so hang in there and look forward to giving you all details on that . Once again ty all for your support and look forward to seeing everyone soon.